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Edgar Rice Burroughs : The moon men.

Edgar Rice Burroughs : The moon maid.

Edgar Rice Burroughs : Thuvia maid of Mars.

A.G.C. Clarke : Into the darkness.

Voctor Appleton II : Tom Swift in the caves of nuclear fire.

Victor Appleton II : Tom Swift and his jetmarine.

L. Neil Smith : The Galactin divergence.

Mark Cliften / Frank Riley : The forever machine.

Groff Conclin : Science Fiction Terror Tales.

John Brunner : Now then!

Fred Saberhagen : Brother assassin.

Murray Leinster : Checkpoint Lambda.

Mack Reynolds : The Earth war.

Chaim Potok : Wanderings.History of the Jews.

Heinz Guderian : Panzer leader.

James P. Hogan : Giants' star.

Michael Armstrong : The hidden war.

Gordon Kendall : White wing.

Edmund Cooper : The slaves of heaven.

Edmund Cooper : Kronk.

F.Bleiler & T.E.Dikty : Imagination unlimited.

John Brunner : Telepathist.

Connie Willis : Doomsday book.

Keith Laumer : The breaking Earth.

Melissa Scott : Trouble and her friends.

John Carnell : The best from New writings in SF.

Hal Clement : The nitrogen fix.

Fred Saberhagen : Earth descended.

A.E. van Vogt : The anarchistic Colossus.

Fredric Brown : The lights in the sky are stars.

Sam Moskowitz ed. : Science Fiction by gaslight.

Larry Niven : Man-Kzin wars II.

Hal Clement : Fossil.

Gregory Benford : Jupiter Project.

Barry Malzberg : On a planet alien.

Poul Anderson : The dancer from Atlantis.

A. Bertram Chandler : Frontier of the dark.

Brian Aldiss : New arrivals, old encounters.

Alan Dean Forster : Mission to Moulokin.

Gordon R. Dickson : The star road.

Robert Asprin ed. : Shadows of Sanctuary.

Larry Niven : Limits.

Keith Laumer : The galaxy builder.

O. John Rogge : Van pijnbank tot hersenspoeling.

Frans & Tineke Steenmeijer : Moord in het Provinciehuis.

Leonard Huizinga : Je leeft maar zo kort en je bent zo lang dood.

Steven Saylor : De Venusworp.